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About Us

Our Heritage & Values

Founded over 10 years ago by biomedical research scientist Dr Martin Schiele, Salcura Ltd started life in a laboratory during a study into ways in which natural ingredient-led formulations can help problem skin conditions. Here at Salcura, we don’t take the ‘essence’ of natural ingredients…we embrace them wholeheartedly. We are passionate about ingredients with strong scientific grounding and a proven track record in delivering results when it comes to dealing with both symptoms and causes of common skin ailments.

We pride ourselves on exemplary consumer support and an ethical approach to doing business. Salcura Ltd has now grown to a multi-million pound turnover international operation whilst retaining the ethics expected of a grounded family run business.

Research & Development

We work with scientists from around the world to ensure that the latest developments and formulation techniques are incorporated into our products. Research work has taken place over a number of years to ensure that our formulations are effective and safe to use.

Developing natural formulations that meet regulatory standards around preservation and stability limited use of chemical additives is highly intensive and technically demanding. A complex formulation programme is undertaken with each and every Salcura product to ensure that all ingredients work in synergy with each other while meeting the highest standards of quality and safety.

Manufacturing & Distribution

Salcura has two locations one in Germany and one in the United Kingdom. All of our products are manufactured to GMP standards. Even the bottles we use have been carefully sourced for both their environmental credentials and also their ability to guarantee product quality and shelf life for three years.

Our Customers

Our customers are not just important to us, they are vital in driving the Salcura vision - to be the breath of fresh air in the world of dermatology and skin therapy by continuing to develop a brand with products that not only have life changing results but which can be used life-long no matter what age, stage in life or skin type. Since day one, we have been a ‘go to’ brand for anyone looking to make their skin healthy as well as keep their skin healthy - through innovative, scientific and naturally active skin therapy.

We hope you enjoy discovering new skin health with Salcura Natural Skin Therapy.

Martin Schiele, Co-founder

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