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Cash Back

Salcura Cash Back Scheme

As a thank you for shopping on our website, Salcura offers 2% cash back on every item purchased through if you have created a customer account.

Start collecting!

  1. To start collecting your reward, create an account
  2. Every time you shop on and you are logged in, 2% of the value of the products you buy will be credited to your account.
  3. You may use these credits on any future purchases through You might like to store the credits up, or use them each time you make a purchase.
  4. You can also earn extra credits by introducing a friend to Salcura.
  5. Credits can be used for up to 99% of the total value of a transaction. You must spend at least £0.01 (excluding P&P) on a transaction in order to use your cash credits. Aside from that, you may use as much or as little (or none) of your cash credits in any transaction.

If you need further information, please email or call the team on 0208 979 3592

Terms & Conditions
Cash back credits are stored on your Salcura account. We do not hold your credit card or payment details anywhere, and we never share your information with any 3rd party.

You may only redeem your cash back credits against future purchases on – it is not possible to withdraw your cash back credits as currency, or use them without making a purchase on

Cash back credits are accrued in GBP pounds sterling, and cannot be converted to other currencies.

Cash back credits are accrued from all purchases on If buying a special offer, promotion or reduced price product, credits will be issued based on the sale price of the items, not the RRP. Cash back is not rewarded against any postage paid.

Salcura reserves the right to alter, cancel or withdraw the cash back scheme at any point, without notification, and with no obligation to reimburse any cash back credits accrued by a customer.

If you return an item under our 30 day money back guarantee, Salcura reserve the right to deduct the cash back credits on your account accrued by purchasing that item(s).

Credits cannot be back-dated or earned from historic purchases.

You may close your account with Salcura at any time by emailing Any credits saved on your account will be lost, and no cash alternative is available.

Customer Advice & Orders
0208 979 3592

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