ACTIV Liquid Spray

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ACTIV Liquid Spray

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Product Description

This intensive natural acne spray is formulated to deal with moderate to severe acne on the face & body. The spray is particularly great for hard to reach areas of acne, such as acne on the back (bacne).

When launched now over 5 years ago, our unique Antiac Activ Liquid Spray won the prestigious accolade of Best Acne Product on the program 'Embarrassing Bodies'. Since then we have updated the formulation ever so slightly to ensure we keep up with the newest techniques and developments in skincare, without loosing the efficacy our Antiac products are known for.

The Antiac Activ Spray can be used as a deep cleansing product, with the natural oils sinking deep into the skin. All oils & extracts contribute to the reduction of any symptoms associated with Acne, like spots, blemishes and blackheads. Additionally, the Antiac Activ Liquid Spray contains clinically proven ingredients to reduce the bacteria associated with acne within weeks.

Deeply & effectively cleanses the skin.

Reduces inflammation & kills bacteria.

Clears impurities without stripping our drying.

Calming agents to soothe & purify the skin.

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Impressive Results As An External Acne Product!

"I have suffered from acne for as long as I can remember.When I started on the Pill,the condition settled and it was great for over 10 years.Prior to that I had tried all sorts of treatments starting from antibiotics up to Roaccutane which I took on 2 occasions. Due to health reasons I had to stop taking the Pill-and the acne,this time adult acne returned with a vengeance. I was worried all the rounds of antibiotics and vitamin A I had taken through my teenage years would have a negative effect over my health if I took them in my forties. I was willing to try any natural product but a bit sceptic it would work.I discovered Antiac activ spray as part of a sample incentive.I thought I had nothing to loose if I tried it as a sample.The 'Embarassing Bodies' Channel 4 programme was endorsing it so it couldn't be a bad product. Initially,the product took a while to provide relief to the affected areas(I did have to use it over some embarassing parts of my body where spots were very difficult to shift over the years!!) But I was pleasantly surprised to find that the formula does work if you religiously rub it on twice a day on the affected area. A great product to try if you prefer an external treatment without the presence of antibiotics."

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"My daughter has suffered with spots in the 'T' zone for years. We have visited Doctors, a Beautician and tried every high street product. I was recommended this so bought it along with the Antiac daily wash. What a difference, the spots started clearing within the week. Her skin is glowing!"

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Miracle For Hormonal Acne

"My first ever online review, out of sheer relief! I have been suffering from bad breakouts during my cycle since quitting hormonal birth control and nothing has helped, even a very healthy, 'clean' diet has only made a small difference. I bought the spray together with the gel and am very impressed, I wasn't sure it would do much since the acne is clearly related to hormones and so internal. The spray really has reduced the acne on my jaw and forehead and feels nice on the skin, while the gel is amazing at taking the inflammation and redness away from the larger spots quickly, especially over night. I still break out due to the hormones but it's not even close to as bad as it used to be now, and it clears up so quickly that I actually have phases during my cycle now where my skin looks completely clear and normal. I'm especially pleased because it's a natural product, couldn't be happier. "

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Almost A Miracle Cure!

"Absolutely amazing product!! I was at my wits end trying to find something to soothe my acne/spots/cysts and I cannot rave highly enough about antiac. I ordered the 15ml just to see not thinking that if would have such great results. I have had a cystic spot under the surface for over a year, along with red scarring from previous cystic flare up and it has greatly improved them! Any flare up I have is usually gone within a few days and is definitely calmer over night. Like other reviews it has improved my self esteem an I no longer feel the need to plaster on cosmetics to cover up. I have already recommended to a few friends and I am trying the cleanser next!! The only thing it doesn't do is stop break outs but that would be a miracle! "

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Antiac Liquid Spray

"This product is absolutely fantastic. It has improved my skin immensely. My self esteem has improved, as my facial skin has cleared up to a point of needing only minimal make-up, instead of having to mask all the blemishes with heavy make-up. My skin can breath at last. Antiac is an excellent skin care routine which has given me excellent results. "


Our Antiac Activ Liquid Spray has been specifically designed to succesfully help anyone suffering from oily, congested and acne-prone skin.

The Spray liquid sinks deep into the skin, cleansing the skin deeper than any cream, gel or wash ever could. Additionally, the natural oils & extracts reach the skin's new cells earlier on in their lifecycle, feeding them the healthy nutrients needed to become stronger and healthier.

Our Antiac range contains unique and clinically proven ingredients Skinwell DFA and ZPA plus. Both ingredients have the proven ability to significantly reduce any symptoms associated with Acne, like spots, blemishes and blackheads.

Use our Antiac Activ Liquid Spray in conjunction with our Antiac Gel Serum for quick reduction of singular spots.

Use our Antiac Activ products in conjunction with our Antiac Daily Face Wash and/ or Face Wipes for the daily regime of your oily, congested and acne-prone skin.


Use morning and evening when necessary. Spray onto the face and gently cleanse face by using a cotton pad to remove the liquid of your face.

When suffering from severe acne symptoms, spray the liquid on the face again and let it sink into the skin or gently massage it into the skin (make sure your hands are clean before doing so to avoid any additional bacteria being rubbed into the skin!).


At Salcura we believe in the power of natural ingredients to help your skin. By feeding it essential oils and extracts full of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, your skin will be come stronger and eventually healthier.

Any synthetics we may use to ensure our formulations are adhering to any regulations, are chosen for their gentle and skin friendly nature.

We continuously work with a team of scientist to ensure we create the best and most effective formulations for your skin.

We have no secrets, so please find a full list of our ingredients used in the Antiac Activ Liquid Spray:

Aqua, Aloe Vera Leaf Juice (Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice), Glycerin, Caprylyl/Capryl Wheat Bran/Straw Glycosides, Tea Tree Leaf Oil (Melaleuca Alternifolia Leaf Oil), Lecithin, Zinc PCA, Bisabolol, P-Anisic Acid, Calendula Extract (Calendula Officinalis Extract), Matricaria Leaf Extract (Chamomilla Recutita Flower/Leaf Extract), Sea Buckthorn Kernel Extract (Hippophae Rhamnoides Kernel Extract), Lavender Oil (Lavandula Angustifolia Oil), Rosemary Leaf Oil (Rosmarinus Officinalis Leaf Oil), Peppermint Oil (Mentha Piperita Oil), Sweet Orange Peel Oil (Citrus Aurantium Dulcis Peel Oil), Eucalyptus Leaf Oil (Eucalyptus Globulus Leaf Oil), Tocopheryl Acetate, Cetearyl Glucoside, Fusel Wheat Bran/Straw Glycosides, Phenoxyethanol, Limonene, Benzyl Alcohol, Decyl Glucoside, Glyceryl Caprylate, Polyglyceryl-5 Oleate, Sodium Cocoyl Glutamate, Linalool, Citral, Geraniol, Alcohol, Arginine, Glyceryl Laurate, Polyglyceryl-3 Caprylate, Polyglyceryl-4 Caprate

  • Aloe Vera

    Aloe vera is a wonderfully succulent plant species made up of over 99% water so offers great hydrating and moisturising properties. It contains a huge variety of vitamins, minerals and fatty acids including A, C, E, B1, B2, B3, B6 and folic acid, and is one of the few plant sources of vitamin B12. It also contains 20 minerals including zinc, potassium, copper, manganese, selenium, calcium, magnesium and iron.

    Aloe Vera
    Aloe barbadensis
  • English Lavender Essential Oil

    Essential oil derived from the flowers of this small herbaceous shrub, used as a skin-conditioning agent, and for its fragrance

    English Lavender Essential Oil
    Lavender angustifolia
  • Eucalyptus Essential Oil

    Derived from the leaves of the blue gum tree (also known as the fever tree or stringy bark tree), eucalyptus essential oil is used as a skin-conditioning agent and for its fragrance

    Eucalyptus Essential Oil
    Eucalyptus globulus leaf oil
  • Grapeseed Oil

    Pressed from the seeds of grapes, grapeseed oil is used as a skin conditioning agent and is a good carrier for essential oils

    Grapeseed Oil
    Vitis vinifera seed oil
  • Manuka Essential Oil

    Used for centuries by the New Zealand Maori for its antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, used to limit skin irritation, and help reduce bacteria and inflammation

    Manuka Essential Oil
    Leptospermum scoparium branch/leaf oil
  • Neroli Essential Oil

    Neroli has a wonderful fragrance which can't fail to lift your spirits, as well as anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties

    Neroli Essential Oil
    Citrus aurantium amara flower oil
  • Olive Fruit Oil

    Rich Mediterranean olive oil nourishes, moisturises and restores rough, dry skin

    Olive Fruit Oil
    Olea europaea oil
  • Peppermint Essential Oil

    Thought to reduce redness and itchiness, and cool and calm skin. Also used for its fragrance

    Peppermint Essential Oil
    Mentha piperita oil
  • Rosemary Essential Oil

    With a refreshing herbal aroma, rosemary has an astringent action. It is also thought to increase circulation when applied to the scalp, so may improve hair growth

    Rosemary Essential Oil
    Rosmarinus officinalis
  • Sea Buckthorn

    Identified as one of the best plant sources of rich fatty acids including omegas 3, 6, 7 and 9. Omega-7 is highly praised for its ability to rejuvenate the skin and promote healing, and for providing excellent nourishment for the skins collagen.

    Sea Buckthorn
    Hippophae rhamnoides kernel extract
  • Starflower

    Native to the Mediterranean, the plant typically has delicate blue flowers, but pink flowers are also not uncommon. Borage oil contains fatty acids, and is used for its moisturising and smoothing properties.

    Borage Oil (Borago officinalis)
  • Sunflower

    Emollient, also used as a skin-conditioning agent and occlusive

    Helianthus annuus seed oil
  • Sweet Almond Oil

    Used as an emollient, preventing dryness and irritation of the skin

    Sweet Almond Oil
    Prunus amygdalus dulcis oil
  • Sweet Orange Essential Oil

    Used for its uplifting fragrance and for its soothing properties on dry and acne skin

    Sweet Orange Essential Oil
    Citrus aurantium dulcis peel oil
  • Tea Tree

    Tea Tree has been used for centuries by Aborigines for a variety of medicinal uses, and is often now used in skincare products to help with fungal and bacterial infections, acne, bites, boils and wounds.

    Tea Tree
    Melaleuca alternifolia leaf oil

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