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Try & Love our Bioskin Body Cleanser with 40% off

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Try & Love our Bioskin Body Cleanser with 40% off
2017-03-01 11:46:36

Some of our customers are still asking us why we aren't doing the Omega Rich Showergel anymore. The good news is…we are! Over a year ago we updated our packaging (after about a decade of not changing it) and is now called ‘Bioskin Body Cleanser'. The name and branding might be different but inside it's the same great product that you have told us you love.

Try and Love…Bioskin Body Cleanser!

Some of our customers are still asking us why we aren’t doing the Omega Rich Showergel anymore. The good news is…we are! Over a year ago we updated our packaging (after about a decade of not changing it) and is now called ‘Bioskin Body Cleanser’. The name and branding might be different but inside it’s the same great product that you have told us you love. 

As we’ve had lots of questions about it I thought I’d take a moment to explain why we like this product so much!

Do you ever notice that your skin feels dry after showering? There could be a number of reasons for this, such as living in an area with hard water or the chemicals in your shower gel. Bioskin Body Cleanser is great for all skin types and perfect for those of you that suffer from dry skin conditions or are prone to conditions like eczema or psoriasis. This gentle whole-body cleanser combats itchy, dry and sensitive skin, providing maximum hydration by using a blend of natural omegas, vitamins and minerals.

Skin irritants, such as synthetic perfumes, parabens and sodium laureth sulfate (SLS), often cause discomfort which is why you will never find them in our products. Not only can SLS cause dryness but it can even reduce the effectiveness of skin function by disrupting the natural oils that maintain the skin’s integrity. This often results in the skin losing its ability to keep out allergens which can in turn trigger skin complaints. Bioskin Body Cleanser will nourish, moisturise and restore dry and irritated skin. 

Here’s what one of our customers had to say:

“I've been suffering from eczema all my life, ever since I can remember and have been through the NHS recommended products, which have had no beneficial effects, with some making my condition worse. Mostly all the high street shower gels contain very potent chemicals which may smell nice but leave my skin feeling dry and cracked. I'm ever so grateful for Salcura’s efforts in making a product that truly works to alleviate my frustrations with this debilitating condition. Will continue purchasing. Highly recommended!”

Bioskin Body Cleanser is 97% natural and packed with lots of nurturing goodness, such as omegas 3, 6, 7 & 9 from Sea Buckthorn, vital for skin healing and skin repair, and Starflower to nourish and hydrate. It also contains White Willow Bark for its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, and Lemongrass for skin conditioning. Oh and it smells delicious too!

So there you have it, Omega Rich Showergel still exists, it is just dressed a little differently!

To make sure everyone gets to enjoy this lovely Body Wash we are running a crazy offer! So if you haven’t tried it yet, or you’re about to run out, here’s your chance to get a 40% discount by using the code BODY40 at the checkout page

We’d love to hear what you think of this product, so please do get in touch!

Many thanks,

Claudia & the entire team at Salcura

(Low-foaming. Suitable for all skin types, particularly those prone to dryness and sensitivity. Suitable for use during pregnancy and while breast-feeding.)

About me:
"Salcura is and always has been a family-owned company. We feel that this is what makes us different, as we are more passionate and care more about what we do than some of our gigantic competitors that are owned by the stock exchange. I am the partner of the Managing Director, Martin Schiele (the son of the founder Dr. Martin Schiele) and there is nothing more that I would like to do than to educate and help people achieve the best skin possible in the healthiest way possible. 



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