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Body Acne

Body Acne

Acne is a skin complaint that is regularly experienced on the face, but often affects other parts of the body such as the back, neck, chest and shoulders.

In fact, spots can appear anywhere on the body apart from the palms of your hands and soles of your feet, where there are no sebaceous glands. In the same way that acne develops on the face, body acne forms when the skins pores become blocked by sebum, dead cells and environmental dirt. Bacteria then causes inflammation and infection in the clogged pores, causing spots and acne.

The skin on your body is thicker than that on your face, and often has larger pores, so acne suffered on the body can lead to larger skin lesions and cysts. It often takes longer for spots on the body to heal and for the marks to fade, too.

Body Acne Causes & Triggers

The cause of body acne is not fully known, but it is acknowledged that certain irritations can make the condition worse. Clothing that causes friction, harsh washing detergents or sweaty and damp environments can all contribute.

Acne mechanica refers to spots caused by an irritation, particularly rubbing of the skin. This may be your chair at work, your car seat, your rucksack, your bra, or anything that is in contact with your skin and is abrasive or aggravating and may trap dirt or sweat.

Stress, exercise, diet and hydration all affect how well your body functions, so eating well, drinking lots of water and light, regular activity will help your body to maintain overall health and wellbeing, including clear skin.

Body Acne Treatment

Treatment for acne on the body is similar to facial acne, and you will often see an improvement in the condition of your skin with a regular and dedicated gentle cleansing and nourishing routine.


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