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Adult Dry Skin

Bioskin Adult Zeoderm
Free From Award Silver 2012

Bioskin Zeoderm Repair Moisturiser

Additional intensive hydration and nourishment – rescues and soothes damaged skin. FIND OUT MORE >>

Bioskin Adult DermaSpray
Free From Award Silver 2012

Bioskin DermaSpray 'Intensive'

Everyday source of moisture and vital nutrients – quickly and deeply absorbed to aide the skin’s own healing process. FIND OUT MORE >>

Our Customer Reviews

  • Effective For Hand Eczema

    I have had eczema on my hands for a few years. Initially, steroid creams seem to control it well. However, in recent year, even strong steroid cream could not control it and it became worse with constant skin cracks and oozing of fluids. The combination of Dermaspray and Zeoderm had it under control (together with taking Spirullina, Chlorella and fermented cod liver oil). There are still some outbreak once in a while but most time it is normal with the help of Dermaspray/Zeoderm. No o...

    Reviewed by MarcusT on 27th July 2016
    Antiac ACTIV Gel Serum

  • Flare Up - Psoriasis Tried Zeoderm

    After having a particuarly bad flare up of psoriasis on my face I tried Zeoderm as a tester pack as my normal facial moisturiser just did not moisturise the affected area enough. I can say Im impressed, the redness and scaly patches have improved greatly in a week. Any ladies with psoriasis will tell you the worst thing is the severe dryness particularly on your face and Zeoderm moisturises the area so effectively without leaving the skin greasy. I can even wear it undreneath my make up. I will ...

    Reviewed by Kim on 26th July 2016
    Bioskin Adult Zeoderm

  • 5 Star

    My daughter has had eczema for a number of years and she has tried many different products via the gp,none of which has worked. But this along with the other bioskin junior products have worked brilliantly since day one. Would recommend it to everyone

    Reviewed by Heidi on 26th July 2016
    Bioskin Junior Face & Body Wash

  • DermaSpray

    Love this spray. So easy to use and leaves my skin completely moisturised

    Reviewed by DB on 25th July 2016
    Bioskin Adult DermaSpray

  • Relief After So Long

    Having suffered from eczema for so long, lately on my face and having cream from the doctor which didn't always work your products have not only given me relief but has cleared it up and made a big difference to me. Not only me but after recommending it to a friend, it has cured her psoriasis. I thoroughly recommend your products.

    Reviewed by Elaine on 22nd July 2016
    Bioskin Adult DermaSerum